Zihni Berati

The singer Zihni Berat, was born on April 24th, 1922. "The first musical school" for him was the ancient city of songs, and his talented family. His brother Naxhiu, a virtuoso violinist, approached him with the Italian pedagogue Andrea Velo, but with the radio microphone. Music education continued after the liberation, at the Artistic Lyceum. With the creation of Philharmonic an then the Opera and Ballet Theater, great perspectives for the singer were opened.

He performed in the first Opera "Rusalka", put on your stage and continued to sketch 24 primary operatic roles, from the works of our authors and foreigners. His partners were your most prominent artists as well as soloist from other countries. Zhini Berati has also developed a dense concert activity.

1. Syrin ma ke filxhanli (1950)
2. Të pres (1957)
3. Malli im (1958)
4. Ma more zemren (1960)
5. Hallët e bilbilit (1960)
7. O more rrush i zi
8. Këto nizamet e shqipërisë

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Zihni Berati, Viktori Xhaçka

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1. Te kam prit
Zihni Berati