1. Albanians forever together
2. A Sea-Green partridge of April
3. O Smarte!
4. A lament
5. I was sleeping and woke
6. Urban folk Song
7. On top of the Willow
8. My old stone House
9. Far from the golden place
10. Tana's Flute
11. Bec Patani
12. A tear fell and wet the Eyes
13. I am filled with longing
14. Handsome Boy whom Mother gave birth to
15. I went to the Bazaar one Day
16. Cry my Heart, Cry
17. The Mother's Call
18. Song for Meço Bonen
19. Ymer Aga
20. The Maiden washes Clothes
at the Rock in the River
21. O Kosova, The Dardanian Brave
22. Lamenting You O Riza!
23. All albanians are Wedding hosts today