Çesk Zadeja

Çesk Zadeja (8 June 1927, Shkodër – 15 August 1997, Rome) was an Albanian composer. A native of Shkodër, he studied in Moscow and did much to promote the arts in Tirana.

In 1941-1943, he studied at the Accademia di Santa Lucia in Rome. After World War 2 he worked for Radio Shkodra and, in 1949-1951, directed the army musical ensemble. From 1951-1956 he studied at Tchaikowsky Conservatory in Moscow. Upon his return to Albania, he headed the newly founded albanian folk music and dance ensemble from 1957-1962 and the Tirana state conservatory 1962-1965. From 1973-1979 he headed the Opera and Ballet Theater. Çesk Zadeja is the author of 100 works of concert music, including four ballets, chamber, music, symphonies, and songs. He died in a clinic in Rome.


1. Hej ju male (Muzika: Çesk Zadeja)
Notes (www.musopen.org)